Downloadable User Guide also attached

This document will show how to unlock a timesheet which has been submitted for approval.

Once a timesheet has been submitted it will go into a “locked” state which means the timesheet will no longer be editable unless you have the permissions “Ability to Edit Submitted Timesheet”.

The permission ‘Ability to Edit Submitted Timesheets’ can be located in the Login Profile

Example Scenario:

An end user has submitted their timesheets but discovers they have made a mistake and then need to make a change to the time entered.

This user’s timesheet is no longer editable as this timesheet is now in a “locked state” after the submission has taken place, and the user does not have the ability to edit the timesheet.

How to unlock the Timesheet:

The Keyedin Administrator will have the ability to unlock timesheets.

1) Go to the search area and type in ‘Timesheet Submissions

2) Find the timesheet submission

3) Open the timesheet submission and select the ‘Unlock’ button.

4) Enter a note and then Select the ‘Unlock’ button

The timesheet will now be unlocked for the End user and the timesheets can now be edited.

The End User will see a new status on the Timesheet entry screen to show the time has been unlocked and is available to be edited.