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How to share a view to another login group

The same steps will apply for any view within the:

  • My Work Dashboard
  • My Projects Dashboard
  • Insight Dashboard
  • Portfolio Analysis ‘Portfolio‘ Dashboard
  • Portfolio Analysis ‘Analysis‘  Dashboard

** Please note only 10 views are allowed per login group

To be able to publish a view the following permission needs to be enabled within the Login Profile:

Publishing a view to a Login Group:

1) Publish the view in the current Login group assigned to your Login

2) Select “Reset individual Layouts” and the “Reset individual Widget Configurations” and click on ‘Save’

3) Once published then change your ‘Login Group’ on your Login record

4) Select the ‘Admin’ menu and within here click on ‘Logins’

5) Locate the login and click on ‘Edit’


6) Change the ‘Login Group’ to the new group you want to publish to and then select “Save”

7) Log out and log back into your account to update the login group

8) Navigate back to the dashboard page – The view will not be seen as it has not yet been published to the new login group

9) Click on the ‘Spanner Icon’ and select ‘Copy View’

10) From the ‘Copy View’ screen select the Login Group of where the view was originally published and then select the view name that needs to be shared to the new Login Group.

11) Select ‘Save’

12) The view will now show on the dashboard, however it needs to be published again so that it is available for all logins attached to the ‘Login group’ selected.

13) On the following screen click on ‘Save’

14) The view will now be shared to the other ‘Login Group’

15) Change your ‘Login Group’ back to your default group

The view has now been published and shared to the other login groups and their dashboards.

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