A download user guide has also been attached

**Please note the following Microsoft Project versions are supported:

  • Microsoft Project 2007
  • Microsoft Project 2010
  • Microsoft Project 2013
  • Microsoft Project 2016 (XML Files only)

To upload task plans into KeyedIn the Login is required to have the ability to view and maintain tasks.

To enable this setting please follow the below steps:

1) Select the Admin Menu and select ‘Logins’

2) Open a login

3) Within the ‘Edit Login’ screen select the ‘Permissions’ tab and select the ‘Planning’ tab.

 Here you will see the permission setting for maintaining tasks

Enable this permission setting and then click on ‘Save & Close’

Uploading a task plan to KeyedIn

1) Navigate to the Project Dashboard screen and select the ‘Tasks’ tab.

    Select the ‘Check Out’ option to edit the task plan.


When you check out the plan you will see additional icons and the ‘Check out’ icon will turn into a red icon to show the plan has been checked out.

2) To import a MS Plan click on the icon for ‘Import Plan from MS Project’


3) Select ‘Choose file’ and navigate to the file you want to upload in the open box, select the file and then click on ‘open’ 

4) Click on ‘Upload’ once the file has been selected

5) If the file is valid then it will show a summary of the number of tasks KeyedIn has found in the plan to import


6) Select ‘Import’ and the file will load

7) Once it has finished importing the task plan will now appear in the Gannt.

Further changes can be made to the plan if needed by using the Task plan functions

Once the changes have been made click on the Save Icon

Once the plan is updated it can be published so other users can view the updated plan

To publish the plan click on the ‘Show Plan Versions’ icon:

This will show the plan versions against this project

Click on ‘Publish’ to publish the plan

 Once the plan has been updated ‘Check In’ the plan using the check in