Downloadable User Guide also attached

This guide explains how to unlock a Login which has been locked out of the system.

When a Login becomes locked out of the KIP system the user will see the following warning message on the Login Screen landing page.

The Login has to be unlocked by a KeyedIn Administrator.

  1. Login as a KeyedIn Administrator
  2. Click on the Admin tab and select ‘Logins’

3. Search for the Login record and open it. There will be a message at the top of the ‘Edit Login’ view stating the account is locked and a button to Unlock the Login Account:

4. Select the ‘Unlock’ button.

5. The account will be unlocked

6. You may also reset the password for this Login by selecting the ‘Change password’ tick box, and create a new password. You can also enable the “Password must be changed at next login” check box to ensure the user sets an appropriate password.

The affected Login will need to close down the browser and then try to login to KeyedIn again.