Downloadable User Guide also attached 

Codes within KeyedIn are generated on all entity types. Once they are saved they become read only.

To enable the Code Converter, access the Login Profile and engage the “Ability to use the Code Converter”

Log out and back into the system for the change to take effect.

When enabled, you will be able to use the code converter in either of two ways.

Method one, is from the Administration Menu:

1) Select the code converter from the Admin Menu

2) Select the Entity Type you want for the existing code change.

3) Search for and Select the code you wish to change.

4) Enter the New Code.

5) Select Convert.

NB: Converting the code will change that code everywhere in the system.

The second method is to change the code directly in a filter search view.

Code Converter via sub menu: 

1) Go to Administration > Click on any Entity such as Activities

2) Once the list of the Activities is visible, click on the icon next to the Activity name you wish to amend the code for.

3) From the drop-down list click on the Code Converter option.

4) The selected entity type and the existing code will be auto-populated. Enter the new code and click the ‘Convert’ button to make the change.
The new code must be unique.