Downloadable User Guide also attached 

1) A KeyedIn Administrator with access to update Login settings will set the tab as shown.

2) Download the calendar for uploading into Outlook.

3) Note that the ‘Reset Private Address’ button must be pressed. 

4) Go to the “My Defaults” setting by selecting the users name to ensure it is setup to stay in sync:

Picture 13


5) Copy the URL from the “My Defaults” setting after creating the private URL from your login record.

Picture 1


6) Open Outlook, go to the ‘Open Calendar’ option and then select “From internet…”

Picture 6


7) Thereafter, the New Internet Calendar Subscription box will appear, here paste your URL copied from the “My Defaults” setting.

8) Click the “OK” button and then select “Yes” on the next prompt.

Picture 12


Picture 8

Once you have done this your task assignments will appear in the calendar, and it will automatically synch after every 2 hours.

In addition to this you can check these settings by navigating to File > Account Settings > Internet Calendars tab > to ensure that the Internet Calendar is showing correctly. Also check the synchronization by select the Change button.

Picture 9