Downloadable User Guide also attached 


To change your password within KeyedIn all you need to do is click on your User ID settings list which is next to Notifications icon.
Thereafter click on Change Password which is the second option from the list.


When changing the password, first enter you existing password which must be valid.
Next, enter your new password and repeat it as confirmation.
The minimum number of characters is specified through Log On settings and the password must contain at least two upper case, two lower case and two numeric characters. Additionally, it cannot contain the same words as in your user identifier or user name.

If you press change password and the details are accepted, you must specify the new password when you next log in to the system.


NOTE: If you forget your password, you will be unable to log in. Contact the system Administrator, who will either clear the password or provide you with a temporary one. You will then be able to log in but should enter a new password or change the temporary one as soon as possible.

The System Administrator can change password etc. via then Login General Details section.

If you can’t sign in to KeyedIn at all then you can click on the “Forgotten your password?” link on the home landing page.


The link should direct you to the reset password page. Once entered your user id within here click the reset password button.

A new password would have been sent to the corresponding email. The below message should be visible on the current screen.