The proxy login provides the functionality to allow Line Managers to log into Keyedin projects as another user and mimic their permissions and settings to modify timesheets and expenses.

The proxy login functionality can also be used to review what the user is seeing on a screen for support and troubleshooting purposes.

How to set up Proxy Login

Locate and open the login record you wish to add your own login to, and navigate to the last tab ‘Proxy Logins’.
Here you can Add, Copy from and Remove logins.

Selecting Add will bring up a search box to search out the login you wish to proxy in as.


NOTE: Any change to this record is time stamped with their login details rather than yours to identify who made them.

To login as the user click on your User ID settings list which is next to Notifications icon.
Thereafter click on Login As which is the second to last option from the list.

A box will pop which will say Login As.
From the login drop-down menu you will be able to see all the logins that have been added.
Select the login from the drop-down and click on Login As.

The page will refresh and log you in as the Proxy user.