Excel has capabilities loading multiple reports via an API connection when connected using the same API connection for a single instance

However there maybe an issue where if you want to ‘Refresh All’ connections then it will fail to refresh a random subset of these report connections.

There is a fix to get around this which will be shown in this document.

There are 7 reports loaded in excel and as you can see the reports are loaded successfully at this stage.

When you hit the ‘Refresh All’ to refresh all report connections

There will be a random subset of reports which may fail to refresh which will present the following message:

However you can still load the failed reports connections by right clicking on each of the reports and refresh them individually

To be able to ‘Refresh All’ connections at once without failure, follow the steps below.

**Please note this has to be done for each report loaded in excel

1) Under ‘Queries & Connections’ section right click on a report and select ‘Properties’

2) Under the Usage tab uncheck the options shown below in the screenshot:

3) Select the ‘Definition’ tab and within here click on ‘Authentication Settings’

4) In the Authentication screen settings select ‘None’

Once this has been done this will allow all reports to be loaded successfully when you select ‘Refresh All’ connections

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