KeyedIn Projects Support Bot (Freshdesk)


On July the 1st 2019 we will be introducing the KeyedIn Projects Support Bot.


The Bot allows KeyedIn Projects customers to engage with KeyedIn Support at any time, both within and outside standard support hours. The Bot will field customer questions, suggesting the most relevant knowledge base articles related to the query.


The Bot will be accessible to anyone, whether logged in or not, from the KeyedIn Fresh Desk Support Portal.


How it works


The Bot can be accessed by clicking on the chat icon in the bottom right corner of the KeyedIn Support Freshdesk portal. The Bot will be available on every page within the Freshdesk portal.


The Bot will always greet you. If you are logged into the Support portal, it will already know your name. If you aren’t logged in, it’ll ask you for your name.


You can ask the Bot anything you like about the KeyedIn Projects Application and by picking out keywords from your query it will recommend the most relevant knowledge base articles.


Simply click on the knowledge base article most relevant to your query and hopefully the answers to your question will be in the article.

Once the recommended articles have appeared, the Bot will prompt you as to whether the information it provided has been useful or not.




If you find that none of the articles prove helpful to your particular issue, then you will be given the opportunity to try again as it may be that rephrasing your query could result in the Bot being able to provide more pertinent information. Alternatively, there is an option to create a ticket which will be processed by a KeyedIn Projects Support analyst in the usual fashion.