**Please note a downloadable document is available to download too

This is guide explains the Password Reset Email feature and how it is configured for KeyedIn Projects.

The following settings are required in order to ensure the password reset feature works correctly

  • The Login who is the ‘Super User’ must have a Login User ID which is not set to the same domain name of the company email address. In some cases when the email is sent using this address it can cause the email to be detected as Spam and       therefore it will fail to send the email.
  • Please review the guide below to see how this is configured.

1. Open the Super User Login and ensure that the ‘System Roles’ tab within the ‘Edit Login’ screen has the Super User check box ticked.

2. Next click on the ‘General Tab’ and check the User ID to make sure it is containing a domain name which is not the same as your email domain name

Below you can see that the User ID is using a domain which is not ending with a real domain name. It is important that the Super User uses an ID that does not contain your actual domain name, as this is the ID that will be used to send a password reset email to the user.

3. User requests a password from the ‘Forgotton Password’ option

4. When the user receives a password reset email (nb:// It can sometimes go to the junk folder) they will note that the email has come from a login ID of kipuser1@kip.com which is being used by the Super User as shown in the screenshot below.

If the password reset email still fails to come through, then please contact your Internal IT team to check if the emails are being marked as spam on the email filtering system.

If there are still further problems in receiving this email then please raise a ticket within Freshdesk Customer Support Portal.