The SSL certificate that is used to secure the KeyedIn Projects application will expire shortly and this will affect all clients that have configured their instance of the KeyedIn Projects application for use with single sign-on (SSO).

For clients hosted on our UK servers ( the current SSL certificate will expire on 9th November 2019

For clients hosted on our US servers ( the current SSL certificate will expire on 10th November 2019

KeyedIn will be renewing the SSL certificate which will be updated on our systems with effect from:

UK: Wednesday 6th November 2019 8am GMT (deadline date).

US:  Wednesday 6th November 2019 3am EST (deadline date)

This means that in order for your company to continue to carry on using single sign-on capability, you must have installed the new certificate in your identity provider solution by this date. 

The latest certificate must be updated within your identity provider (IdP) solution in order for single sign-on to continue to work from the 6th November 2019. Please note, the KeyedIn Projects application will be upgraded to use the new certificate from 6th November 2019 and until such time the older certificate will continue to work for SSO. If the solution you use as the identity provider (IdP) does not support multiple certificate installations, KeyedIn can accommodate a change to your KeyedIn Projects instance before the deadline date by opening a new ticket with the KeyedIn Projects Support Team. The KeyedIn Infrastructure Team will handle the SSO certificate tickets and co-ordinate directly with clients in order to agree a suitable date and time for the change to be made to your system. Ultimately, all changes will need to be made prior to 6th November 2019.