Login Screen:

When the KeyedIn Mobile application is accessed the following Login screen will be shown:










The Mobile app can be logged into using the normal KeyedIn Username and password or can be logged in via SSO login using the configured SSO login details, this will only work if the client instance has SSO configured for the Site ID. 

Login’ Option:

  1. Selecting ‘Login’ will show the following screen:




Before logging in please ensure the correct server has been selected.

  1. To do this under ‘Choose Your Server’ select the option where it states ‘Europe’ which will show all the servers: 



If the users site instance is on the v6 application then please select the relevant server, for sites on the .co.uk V6 version the server would be Europe (V6) and for sites on the .com v6 version the server would be USA (V6).

  1. Once the server has been selected then enter the standard KeyedIn Username and Password to login to the application:
  2. Select ‘Login’


 This will then allow the user to login to the mobile application. 



‘Single Sign On’ Option:

This will only work if the Single Sign On option has been configured. (**Configuration on how to setup mobile SSO has been shown below in the setup section)

Selecting ‘Single Sign On’ will ask the user to enter the Site ID:

The Site ID can be found in the KeyedIn Web Application by checking the ‘About’ page:

 Please input the Site ID and choose the correct Server

Tapping the Sign On button will direct the user to the login page for Third-Party Identity Provider (IdP), this is where the user will need to enter their relevant credentials. After successfully authenticating with the IdP the user will be taken into the app. 

When a SSO user logs out of the mobile application, they will need to enter their credentials with the IdP at next login. This also applies if the phone is turned off or any other action is performed that is deemed a hard close. Users will only need to enter a Site ID the first time they log in through SSO. The Site ID and Server will be remembered on subsequent login attempts. If the application soft closes, they will not need to enter credentials the next time the app opens provided the session with the IdP has not expired. If the session has expired they will need to re-enter their credentials


Setup to setup this feature, configuration will be required on both the web product and the Identity provider (IdP). For customers already using SSO on the web product with an IdP that supports multiple assertion urls, the new mobile assertion URL field on the Single Sign On configuration screen in KIP will need adding to the existing app configuration on the IdP.

If your IdP does not support multiple assertion URLs, you will need to tick the “Separate Mobile Single Sign On Configuration” setting on the Log On Settings screen. This will enable a separate ‘Single Sign On (Mobile)’ screen within the configuration area. This screen should be populated with the appropriate data provided by your identity provider. You will be required to setup a new app configuration with your IdP. So essentially you will have 2 apps configured; one for the web product and one for the mobile app.

If you require assistance in configuring SSO for the mobile, then please report this to the KeyedIn administrator to raise a ticket in the Fresh Desk Customer Portal.