If the user has notifications enabled in the web application then the notifications can be seen in the mobile application.


The mobile application does not allow configuration of notifications, the configuration of notifications is all done within the web application by a KeyedIn Administrator.


The user will only receive the notifications they have been given access to

When a notification is received this can be seen in the web application by checking the notifications icon:

In the mobile application new notifications will be shown in the ‘Notifications’ section as shown below

Selecting ‘Notifications’ from the menu will show you the list of notifications 

Selecting each notification  will show further details and give options to delete or edit the timesheet if required by selecting relevant option:

Notifications which are unread can be marked as ‘Read’ all at once by selecting the icon at the top right-hand side:

Selecting ‘Yes’ will mark all notifications as read

If you have any queries, please report these to your KeyedIn administrator in order to raise a ticket in the Fresh Desk Customer Portal.