Please note the mobile app does not allow editing of any project information, the mobile app will only show a list of projects available to the user.

1. From the Menu Select ‘My Projects

2. This will show the ‘My Projects’ screen and give a list of projects available to the resource:

Depending on the permissions set for the login, it is possible to add or delete projects from the mobile application.

Let’s take the following project as an example; As can be seen from the screenshot below the project has Restrictions enabled and currently no resource(s) have access to the project:

In the mobile application the following projects can be seen:

To add the restricted project, enter the project name in the search field at the bottom of the screen where it states ‘Find Project to add

Select the project name and this will be added to the project list. There will be a notification message at the bottom of the screen to show the project has been added:

Once this has been added it will update the restrictions on the project within the Keyedin web application:

If the project is no longer required in resources list of Projects restrictions, then it is possible to delete the Project from the mobile application:

**Please note this is only possible if the project has ‘Restrictions’ enabled’ 

When the resource deletes the project there will be a confirmation message to confirm if the project can be deleted from the list.

Select ‘OK’ and this will delete the project from the restrictions for the resource:

The resource will no longer be in the Project restrictions both on the Mobile application and the web application.

If you have any queries, please report these to your KeyedIn administrator in order to raise a ticket in the Fresh Desk Customer Portal.