Prerequisites in KIP


  1. A login must be setup for Integration use and flagged as ‘Integration User’. Note that you may want to clone/duplicate your login as usual Saas rules apply (only one login to access any instance at any one time).



  1. Make note of a Report Key (unique identifier) for data to be pulled from:




Power BI setup


  1. Download free desktop version of MS Power BI.  


In the case where customer has a full license of Power BI. Their instance will be online.


  1. Open, run, there is no need to register as this comes with additional license cost








Connecting to KIP


  1. Get Data -- > Blank Query


This will open Power Query Editor


  1. Select Advanced Editor and copy the following Syntax:


Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(""))


Note the ‘662’ is the Key to the Report









  1. After selecting done, you will need to enter login credentials



  1. Use the ‘Basic’ authentication option and enter the login credentials of the Integration Login.



  1. Select ‘Into Table’









  1. Select List to see all records



  1. Right click the mouse and convert to table



  1. Split columns so you can see all the columns as per your KIP Report




  1. Close and Apply the Power Query Editor to return to Power BI




Power BI will now Apply the query and open up with all the listed fields




Do not add any new columns as the data source (KIP report) will not refresh this.


Save the file in Power BI to ensure the config, connection and any widgets designed are not lost.