KeyedIn Business Continuity Planning and the effects of Coronavirus (Covid-19) (March 2020)


KeyedIn understands your concern regarding business continuity and the provision and support of the KeyedIn Projects application in the event there is a Coronavirus epidemic. KeyedIn has taken steps to deal with the concerns with advice provided to all of our employees and as it stands KeyedIn deems the risk to be low. KeyedIn are following advice from health authorities for those travelling to include employees, clients and visitors about their recent travel and before site visits to/from KeyedIn office locations in order to reduce risk. Public information signs and sanitisation gels have been made available along with guidelines for remaining safe in the workplace. These measures are interim in nature, and we will update them regularly based on the latest advisories from the World Health Organization, Department of Health and Human Services (US), Public Health England or other government entities. 


In accordance with our business continuity plan and in the event we were to lose a physical KeyedIn office due to a disaster such as Coronavirus (Covid-19), KeyedIn employees have the ability to work remotely until a replacement office is re-established. Because our data is stored in the cloud this allows KeyedIn to maintain business continuity through the use of secure portals and VPNs. The critical services we provide have staff redundancy built-in to take care of illnesses and other absences and includes the management and provision of the KeyedIn Projects application. All employees will be able to resume business-as-usual activities using KeyedIn issued corporate laptops and mobile phones. Where deemed necessary, KeyedIn may carry out a risk assessment on an employee’s temporary work environment, e.g. an employee’s home office to assess suitability and to ensure that client data remains secure at all times.