Please note this feature should only be granted to KeyedIn Administrators

KeyedIn Projects v7.1 now includes a new feature which will allow a KeyedIn Administrators direct access to the Fresh Desk Customer Portal.

There are 2 new options available from the “User” Menu within KIP

  • Submit a new Ticket
  •  View Existing Tickets












  • You must be a KeyedIn Administrator Support Agent in your PMO
  • You will require a verified Fresh Desk account.


How to enable the Submit and View Ticket option:

  1. Open a designated PMO Login record
  2. Select the ‘System Roles’ tab:



       3.  Under the ‘System Roles’ tab please enable the ‘Support User’ option

      4. Save and Close the Login record. To initiate the change, please logout of the KIP application and log back in again.

      5. Submit a New Ticket’ & ‘View Existing Tickets’ should now appear under the following menu:












Selecting the options will direct the user to the Fresh Desk Customer portal. If you are not already logged into the portal then you will need to authenticate to it before being able to submit or view existing tickets.


Once authenticated to the Keyedin Support Portal you will be directed to either a ‘Submit a ticket’ page or ‘View Tickets’ page depending on which option you have selected.



If you have any queries, please contact to the KeyedIn Support Desk.