identifies the type. You will enter a unique code when adding a type but then cannot change it.


provides further information about the action type’s use and purpose.


indicates, if checked, that the type is available for use and is to appear on pick lists. Making a type inactive will not affect actions to which it is already assigned but will prevent it being selected for others.

Significant Action

may, if checked, indicate that the type has particular significance. However, this is a screen label and so has no system use. You can change its meaning through Screen Labels.

Process Support

is checked if the action type is to be available for process support action views. These are used to define the steps needed to complete particular jobs within action views and appear on process support tabbed forms.


The selection does not apply to a master action type nor to a sub-type that is linked to a master action type. If you check the box, all references to master action type are removed.

Allow Add Multiple

is checked if actions for this type can be created for multiple resources at the same time.

Use Automated Reference

indicates if you want all actions of this type to be numbered automatically or if you wish to enter a manual reference for each one.

Reference Prefix/Start Number

apply only if you number actions automatically. If so, you may specify a fixed prefix for each reference and the number to assign to the next action - this is then incremented by one each time a number is issued.


selects a report to be used to print details for the actions associated with this type, rather than using the standard status report.

Behavior on Completion

only applies if not a Process Support action type. If displayed, choose whether editing of actions is to be prevented and if an archive report is to be created once the action completes.

The archive report is created as a PDF file and saved against the action so it can be output at any time. This archive report may be generated again if the action is edited after completion, either because this is not prevented here or because a login profile allows this.

Event URL

is used to create an outbound call to an external URL so that, for example, you can integrate with other products. When an action with this action type is saved, the link to the URL is initiated. Click Check to verify the URL is valid.

Create Project on Completion

for Process Support action types, enables the ability to create a project from the action, if checked. Action custom fields can be mapped to project custom fields on the Custom Fields tab.