In addition to the custom fields that you specify, a fixed range of tabbed forms and input fields is displayed when you process an action. Some of these are mandatory but for others you can choose to suppress them or to treat them in a particular way.

All the forms and input fields are listed and input is allowed against specific ones. In other cases, you cannot change how the field is to be processed.


may be unchecked for fields that do not have to be present and which users do not need to see for this action type. For example, you may choose not to show the end date and time. These settings also affect the fields shown on search results.

Read Only

indicates, if checked, that the field appears but its content cannot be changed. It is displayed for information only.


is checked if input to the field is mandatory. If so, the ‘Visible’ box must also be checked but ‘Read Only’ cannot be.



Action types are generally used to record contact with clients and so you may always want to prompt for client, contact and project input and require input of a contact and project. However, if an action type is used only to record ideas, for example, this input may not be relevant.

If Client and Contact are not visible and no default values are specified, Project must be a required field.


Default Value

applies to those fields where only specific values can be selected (such as a status or a client). In these cases, you can select the value that is normally input for this action type.

Override Label

allows a different name to be displayed for the field, instead of the standard one shown on the left. Leave blank to use the default label.