Each action may be assigned to a particular resource that is responsible for it. In this case, you may restrict the action type to particular resources and so prevent unsuitable ones being selected when an action is created. For example, support calls will only be dealt with by staff who work on the help desk while sales enquiries will be handled by those in the Sales Department.

If the ‘This Action Type is available to all Resources’ entry is checked, the action type applies to all resources and individual ones are not listed. If you uncheck the box and nothing is listed, the action type will only apply to those resources where it is specifically assigned.

The ability to change the ‘available to all’ setting may be prevented through your login profile. If so, individual selections will apply.



    Add to select appropriate records; these are then listed

    Copy From to copy settings from a selected action type; if you do this, the type can no longer be available to all resources

    Remove, after checking one or more listed entries, to delete them and prevent access to the action type.