identifies the view and must be unique.


is normally checked to make the view available for use. If unchecked, the view will not be available.


provides full information about the view.

View Type

determines the characteristics and use of the action view and has three settings:

      Standard is a means of grouping similar actions types so that they can be processed and monitored together.

      Process Support sets up a pre-determined number of action types that identify the required steps and are processed in the indicated sequence. The action types are generally used to control and monitor the progress of a particular process and so only exist while that process is running.


Tabbed forms only appear for specified login groups.



Appear on Add Menu

provides, if checked, the ability to create an action against the default action type using the application’s add menu.

Show on Projects

determines, depending on the project level, whether the action view will be displayed as a tab on the Projects screen.

Archive Report

identifies a report to be archived in the database when a process with this Action View finishes, providing the Create Archive Report box is checked.


Once saved, the View Type and Default Action Type cannot be changed.