An action view is a means of grouping action types and determining who can use them. For example, an employee working on a help desk may only need to process certain types of action that involve dealing with clients’ questions and problems.

The product is supplied with a default action view that provides access to all action types and will be generally available. You may then add other views that are more narrowly defined, allowing particular users to access certain types only. Users will see the action views they can access and so can process actions for those views.

Select Action Views from the Business Entities section of Administration to process a search for matching views:


Click Add to create a record. For a listed action view, click   then:


to change the name.


to edit the action view.


creates an action view with the same general details as the selected one. You must specify a code for this entry and can change other details.


to delete the action view, after confirmation, providing it is not in use.

When adding and editing action views, input is over several tabbed forms.