An activity defines a type of work that a resource can undertake. These can be specific work that may be charged to projects (design, testing, installation) or may be more general activities (training, administration, holiday). All recorded time is booked against an activity and so you must set up activities that cover everything against which time can be validly recorded.

Select Business Entities then Activities from the Administration menu and a search screen is processed. Change the search to list other options:


    Add to create an activity record.

    Create Data Template to add a record with spreadsheet format that can then be used as a basis to create actual activity records

    Import Data to import and load activity data from a spreadsheet file.

For a listed activity, you can click   then:


to edit the activity.


creates an activity with the same general details as the selected one. You must specify a code for this entry and can change other details.

Code Converter

to change the code of the activity if it is incorrect. All affected records will be updated.


to delete the activity, after confirmation, providing it is not in use.

AuditThis entity has an audit function to track changes.