provides a title for the activity to identify its purpose.


is the unique identifier for the activity. You will enter an unused code when adding a record and then cannot change the code once it is saved.


is checked for those activities that are in use. You can uncheck the box if you want to make an activity unavailable without deleting it (you will not be able to delete it if it is referenced by other records). It is also possible to set up activities in advance of them being needed and so make them inactive initially.

You should set all non-current records to inactive status to prevent them being used. This removes these activities from pick lists so that users only see those that are genuinely available.

Default to non-chargeable

is checked if time booked to the activity is not normally charged to projects. This will cover such activities as training and administration, which are treated as overheads rather than direct chargeable activities. The setting can be changed for individual use.

By default, the box is not checked to indicate the activity is normally charged. Actual charging of time will then depend on whether it is recorded against a chargeable project.


indicates of the activity is to be identified as absence when recording against a timesheet.

Default Project

only appears if Absence is checked. If so, for timesheet input, any time entered will be classed as ‘time off’ for the project that is selected here.