The currently selected column is shown and you can enter or change:

      Visual Feedback to determine how the formatting set previously is to be applied. This may be to the:

o  Cell that matches the condition

o  entire Row or Column containing a cell that matches the condition

o  Sub-total; or Total if the data it contains matches the condition.

      Background sets the background color from the cell if the condition is met so that certain conditions are highlighted.

      Hide Cell’s Contents is checked if the cell’s data is not displayed, even though its format may depend on that content. Thus, for example, a cell may be set to red, amber or green to highlight priority or seriousness without the need to show the value.

      Text Color, Bold or Italic format the text in the cell if the condition is met.

      Rules are listed if they exist and can be amended or deleted by clicking . Click Add Rule to create additional rules and separate successive ones with AND if both need to be met or OR if either has to be met.

For each rule:

o  click   if the rule is to check data in another column rather than the selected one. If so, choose one from those listed.

o  select from the dropdown list an operator that determines how data is to be matched (such as equal, not equal or contained somewhere in the field).

o  enter a value to be matched against or click #FN# to select a function that defines particular data values.

On completion, click Apply to set the condition.