Any time entry that is underlined in red is disapproved. You will therefore need to amend and resubmit the entry.

For an available row, you can add or amend details. Some entries depend on login profile settings.



To pin to the timesheet an activity with which you are involved regularly so it appears for subsequent week’s entries.

Creates a new timesheet row based on the current one. This will be the same content but have no hours or notes so you can add and change entries for the new row.


Choose the project against which time is being booked, the activity undertaken and, if applicable, the task or assignment worked on. Depending on project settings, only incomplete tasks or assignments may be available.


Appears only if your Login Profile indicates you can change the Cost Code. If so, select the required one.


If applicable, this is the charge rate to be used for invoicing.

Indicate if the time is to be chargeable to the project for this activity.

Check the box to have cost and charge values calculated at the overtime rates set for the resource or leave blank for standard rates. You can only do this if allowed through your login profile, otherwise the entry will not appear.


Enter as hours and decimals or hours and minutes, depending on system settings. At the associated tabs, you can also add notes (which may be mandatory) and custom field entries.

Hours may be negative if permitted through your Login Profile.

If a timesheet has already been submitted for approval, the status shows this but you can choose to add time as well as entering notes and custom fields. When more than one timesheet entry exists for a row, the number is shown and you can view and process each one individually.

Entries are made separately to the listed project rows and to the ‘Time Off’ rows for non-chargeable time, which is booked against an ‘absence’ activity and a default project. Running totals are provided.

As you complete these entries, hours by day and overall are totaled, with a comparison of expected hours. If, through your Login Profile, you have the ability to maintain overtime status, both standard and overtime values plus a total will be shown, otherwise a total for standard hours only.

After saving, move your mouse cursor over the information icon ( ) to see the reason if an entry cannot be saved.