Click   within any layout area to add a widget to that area (each area may contain several widgets). You must first select a type from those available and will then see a list of widgets of that type, with descriptions:


Click Add against the required one and then choose available actions for the displayed widget. If you choose to add a New Data Widget or a New Chart Widget, an unconfigured widget is added to the dashboard and you will configure this by selecting it at the dashboard when not in edit mode. In other case, click:

  to configure by setting or altering the filter:

A default filter is applied but you can delete it, select one from the list or create another for use. Refer to Searching and Filters for information about this.

Indicate if the filter is to appear in the screen area and the maximum number of results to be displayed per screen.

When saved, the screen shows the results of the search:


  to set a widget’s width as a percentage of the panel

  to delete the widget.