Name uniquely identifies the permission

   Description provides an outline of what the permission does

   Active must be checked for the permission to be used

   Partial Approval Text only applies if the status has to be approved by all selected Approvers and determines text to be displayed when one has approved the movement

   Workflow indicates the workflow with which the permission is associated

   Status Movement is the movement within the selected workflow for which the permission is required

   Approvers identify one or more people who can move the workflow between the indicated statuses. The #ANYONE# token can be selected to allow any user to approve the status move. When used in conjunction with a required comment this provides additional audit traceability.

   Approved by All only appears if you select more than one approver. If so, check the box if all those people have to approve the status before moving to the next one. If left unchecked, any one of the selected approvers can perform the action.

   Notify Approvers determines if all approvers are to be notified when a project of this type reaches the current status or if the status movement is partially approved and their approval is still needed. In these cases the notification ‘Resource is notified when a project requires approval’ must be assigned to their login group.

   Enter a comment is checked if users should enter a comment when approving the status movement. Check Comment is required if this input is mandatory.