If you choose to edit an existing filter or to add a filter for a selected report, the available parameters are listed:


You can change:

      the Filter Name that appears on the list

      Filter Type, which will be Individual if for personal use, Group if available to specified Login Groups only or Global if available to all users.

      Title of the report

      the default settings for all parameters.

Also, under the   symbol, uncheck any parameters that are not to be saved in the report filter. Unsaved parameter values will retain the default values set here when the report is next processed whereas saved values will always show what was input the last time the report was processed. You may, for example, not want to save values that change constantly, such as dates, but save those that are generally fixed for the report.

Under  , uncheck any that are not to be used in the filter. You may have a combination of settings that are used and saved, used or saved, or neither.