Name provides a name for the condition

   Status Movement identifies the movement for this project type to which the condition applies

   Type determines the entity on which the condition is based; this can be, for example, a deliverable, task or action

   If Condition is met specifies what is to happen if the search criteria you set for this condition match with any data; you can choose to proceed to the next status or to not allow the movement

   Search Criteria. For the entity type selected for the condition, choose one or more fields and set the comparison that must be met to satisfy the condition. For example, for a Task entity, proceed to the next stage if the task is confirmed or, for a Deliverable, move on when the status is a specified value.

Indicate if the required value is to be displayed.

You can add multiple criteria for the condition by clicking Add Row. For each one, you can click Toggle Advanced Search to connect individual fields using advanced filter logic. In this way, you can specify that two or more criteria must be satisfied or any one to meet the condition.