Here you can add and edit the same details as at the assignments list plus additional content. Much of the information shown here is derived from the task and cannot be changed directly.

You can enter and change:

      Description of the assignment

      Confirmed is checked if the assignment is confirmed and going ahead, otherwise is unchecked if still provisional. This does not affect the way the assignment is processed but simply indicates its status.

      Resource/Department default to your resource and department but you can either click:

o  *  to remove the current entry

o  *  to select another from the list

o  *  to select a resource or department from a filtered list

o  *  to create a resource or department you can select here

o    to search for a specific resource that matches specified criteria.

      Effort will have a Usage button (for resources but not for roles). Click this to see how the required effort has been distributed to the resource:


This is normally distributed evenly across a resource’s available days but you can alter the number of days against each date. Alternatively, click to insert a specified number of days into each date over a set period or specify a total number of days that are to be distributed over that period, allocating the maximum possible to each date as capacity allows until the total is distributed. Then click Set.


The ability to ‘Allow Assignments to exceed Capacity’ is only available when inserting days and may cause remaining days to be shown as negative.

Clicking Flatten will override usage calculations and distribute the number of days evenly over the set dates. Clicking rather than the Usage button will recalculate the total effort as the effort for the task less any for other assignments so that this assignment takes the remaining effort, which is then allocated evenly over the remaining days.