This view is displayed after selecting the Team Supply button at the Resource Plan screen. It is only available if your Login Profile enables you to request or supply a team. Additional settings are also necessary for this feature to be used fully:

      Login Profile/Strategic Planning tab tab — View Supply

      Login/Permissions tab — Ability to view or maintain supply and to maintain forecasts if requests are to be made for supply while the ability to maintain supply is necessary for direct supply

      Strategic Planning settings — demand of named resources must be allowed

      Departments/Teams must be available for Demand Forecasting to be included here.

      Project will be automatically displayed if a single project has been specified at the search filter, otherwise select a level one project from the list.

      Type can be Request to create a demand forecast that requests the supply of listed resources for subsequent fulfillment or Supply to directly allocate members of a team to a project. Depending on your Login Profile , you may be restricted to which of these actions you can select.

      Team will be automatically displayed if a single team has been specified at the search filter, otherwise you can select any team that is available for demand forecasting. Only resources that belong directly to a selected team can be requested or supplied and child teams are not included.

      Allocation Basis defaults to 100% and determines the percentage of each resource’s availability to allocate to the project. This availability may be:

o  Remaining Availability is Standard Capacity less existing supply to other projects and assignments affecting strategic availability. Existing supply to the specified project is ignored.

o  Remaining Productive Availability is only shown if enabled through General Settings and is Remaining Availability (as above) multiplied by the resource’s productive capacity .

To assign a team equally to two projects, allocate 50% availability to the first project and then 100% of the remaining availability to the second one.


      Period From/To specify the range of open planning periods to be covered by the allocation.

      Generate Demand Forecast must be Yes for a Request type to generate a forecast of demand requests to be fulfilled. For a Supply type, you may optionally choose to generate a forecast that reflects the direct supply, if authorized through your Login .

      Default Demand Status only applies if Demand Status is enabled through Strategic Planning settings and if generating a demand forecast. If so, this defaults to Confirmed status but can be changed to Provisional.

      Demand Confirmed Until applies for a Demand Status of Confirmed and defaults to the Period To date but can be changed to any in an open period within the Period From/To dates.

On completion, click Save & Close to update your entries. Processing will then depend on whether a Request or Supply type.