To change the content of the tabular display, choose:

      Color Scheme, which will apply different colors to allocations depending on whether you select Allocation Status (provisional or confirmed) or Chargeable Status (chargeable or not chargeable)

      Resource Allocation to determine what the displayed figures for the listed resources are based on. This can be:

o  Supply if based on the effort supplied to the project

o  Assignment if based on the effort assigned to specific tasks for the project

o  Variance shows the variance between supply and assignments to indicate how centrally allocated project resources are utilized in local task plans. Individual entries are highlighted as:

Green if assignments equal supply
Amber if supply is under-assigned
Red if supply is over-assigned
Blue if overall the resource is under-assigned but is over-assigned for one or more projects

When Variance is selected, Color Scheme, Utilization Type and Show have no meaning and cannot be selected. Additionally, placing your mouse cursor over will show the colors specific to the variance selection. These can be changed using  .


      Utilization Type:

o  Standard shows allocated effort as a percentage of capacity

o  Productive is the percentage of each resource’s capacity that is used for productive work (if enabled through Strategic Planning settings)

o  Chargeable is the amount of each resource’s effort employed on chargeable work as a percentage of their target chargeable effort, either set on the resource record or using a General Settings value.

      Show can be:

o  Allocated to see actual time allocated

o  Availability to show time that remains unallocated

o  Utilization to indicate the percentage of capacity that is allocated in each period

o  Capacity to see the capacity of each resource

o  Productive Capacity (when Utilization Type is Productive)

o  Chargeable Capacity (when Utilization Type is Chargeable)

o  In to show resource details in Hours or Days

o  By to determine whether columns show values by Days, Weeks or Months

  to change the features of the Resource Plan view:

You can only make changes here if your login profile allows you to set system defaults. If not, these details are only available to view.

Determine if the settings made here are to apply to everyone who accesses the resource plan or only to members of your login group.

For all options available for display on the resource plan, determine the colors that are shown to indicate the various statuses, utilizations and variances. Do this by clicking on the existing color and then selecting another from the displayed color swatch or by keying in its hexadecimal value. Only the Allocation Status needs to be shown on the plan and others can be selected by checking the appropriate box.

For the various Utilization categories, you can create as many as you require by clicking to add further rows. For each row, specify an ascending value range for the indicated colors. Productive capacity is only available if enabled through Strategic Planning settings.