If you are a manager or supervisor, you will be able to accept expense claims for your staff. Select either Accept or Reject for an unaccepted claim , or choose Undo Accept or Undo Reject to reverse a previous action here. An acceptance window appears:


The ‘Acceptance Status’ has the following options, available from the drop-down list:


so that the claim can be paid. Any individual expense entries that are not already approved will be marked as such by this action. This means that they can be invoiced, if chargeable, as well as the claim being paid.


if the claim is incorrect. This will detach the expenses from the claim so that they are then available for another claim.

The claim itself is retained as a rejected claim with no expenses. If you wish to delete this claim completely you must first ‘unaccept’ it.

Depending on Login Group settings, the resource may be notified when an expense claim is rejected.

Unaccepted (Requested)

if the claim has previously been accepted but should not be paid. This sets the status back to that when the claim was first submitted, allowing it to be amended and then approved again or, if necessary, deleted.

Enter any appropriate comments about the changed status. Once you accept these entries, the Acceptance action now shows the claim’s status:

The Pay/Refuse action now becomes available at the claim list so that logins with the necessary permissions can pay the claim.