This option is only available if Combined Resourcing is enabled. Any resources that have been supplied to the project are displayed to the right of the Gantt chart, grouped by role:


Click   at the top of the panel to reposition it on the left of the screen and   to close the panel on completion.

You can alter the data displayed by clicking:

*  against a role or resource to show task plan data to which this role or resource is assigned. You can only do this for individual roles or resources.

*  against a role name to hide the resources for that role and then   to redisplay them.

      a From/To date and then   after changing either or both dates so that supply for those planning weeks is shown. Leaving both dates blank will show all project supply.

*  to choose the supply details to be shown:

o  Include provisional assignments in usage — only confirmed assignments are shown if unchecked, otherwise provisional ones are also included in the assigned value totals

o  Only show resources with remaining supply will, if checked, exclude from the display those resources where the assigned effort equals or exceeds their available supply

o  Show Department/Location includes those additional details on the display.

Click   on completion to change the displayed content and   to hide the options.

For each resource is shown the days of effort that have been:

      Supplied to the project in a specified period (which may be the same as or less than the filter period, depending on whether supplied for the whole of that period)

      Assigned to tasks for the active plan. This will be shown in green if the assigned effort is less than or equal to that supplied or in red if over-assigned.

For each resource:

      click their name to view full resource details

      click   to show a weekly breakdown of assignments and supply values and then   to hide it

      click and then choose Map to Role to specify resources for assignments that have roles assigned; this has no effect on effort values.

      assign to a particular task by either:

o  dragging the resource and dropping onto a task within the project panel or

o  clicking and then choosing Map to selected task(s) after first selecting one or more tasks from the project panel.

In either case:

      selected tasks must not be summary tasks and must have at least one role assignment

      any task with several role assignments must have at least one that matches a resource’s primary role

      where a task has only one role assignment, the resource is assigned whether or not roles match

      the resource must have available supply effort; if so, the amount of supply will be deducted from the available effort and any under-supply will cause a new assignment to be created for the supplied effort and the remaining balance to be left on the original assignment.

To assign resources to a specific role, first select the filter icon for that role to only list tasks for the role.


Whether single or multiple role assignments for a task, if the resource’s available supply is sufficient for the role assignment effort for each week, the role is replaced by the resource, otherwise a new assignment is created for the available supply and the remaining effort is retained on the existing assignment.

The results of assigning a resource to one or more tasks will depend on specific circumstances:

      If any task has no existing assignments then an assignment is created providing the task effort exceeds zero and the resource has supply in at least one week of the task period. The new assignment will be based on the task start and end dates and the allocated effort will be the lower of remaining supply for each week or the unallocated task effort. Warnings will appear if there is insufficient supply for any task and so a corresponding assignment cannot be created.

      If there are existing role assignments only for a task and the task:

o  has only one role assignment, it is replaced by the resource assignment if the resource has supply availability during the assignment period; if this availability is insufficient to fulfil the task, the balance of required effort is retained against the role so an additional resource can be assigned

o  has multiple role assignments, the one with the same primary role as the resource is used

o  has multiple role assignments but none match the primary role of the resource, no allocation takes place; resources will need to be assigned manually or Map Role Assignments can be used to assign to multiple tasks in the same way.

      If there are only resource assignments for the task and:

o  the resource already has an assignment for the task and the dates align for the task and assignment, the existing resource assigned effort will be increased, either to completely fulfil the task or by the resource’s current supply availability if lower

o  there are currently no assignments for the resource to the task, a resource assignment is created for the unallocated task effort providing the resource has sufficient available supply, otherwise for the available supply with a balance of unallocated effort left on the task.

If the task has more than one assignment for the resource, the assignment cannot be updated.

      If there are both role and resource assignments for the task and the resource is:

o  not assigned, the same processing will apply as when there are existing role assignments only for a task

o  already assigned and there is a matching role assignment, if the task and assignment dates align, existing assigned effort is increased for the resource, based on the matching role assignment effort or by the resource’s current supply availability if lower.

o  already assigned to the task but with no matching primary role assignment, the resource assigned effort is increased based on the lower of unallocated task effort or available supply.

Depending on Planning Settings, any assignments that exceed a resource’s supply or are outside a specified tolerance level will be either:

      allowed with no warning; no checks will be made

      allowed with a warning that specifies the problem; saving is not prevented

      not allowed; the error is displayed and saving is not available.

Changes made outside of the task plan that affect it (such as removal of supply) will cause a warning. Other conditions that are checked and may cause warnings or prevent saving are:

      task assignments must be confirmed

      at least part of an assignment must fall on or after the current date

      the assignment must not be for a direct scheduling project (generally used to record absence or similar) or one where Assignments Affect Strategic Planning Availability is set (refer to Project Planning Settings).