The available actions will depend on whether the task is checked out for update or not. Certain of them are also selected by right clicking at the task list, Gantt chart or the assignment list. Click:

      Scroll To Task (right-click action only) to reposition the Gantt chart at the selected task.

  only applies if multiple versions of a plan are allowed (through Planning Settings). If so, click to create a further version with the next sequential number. You must enter a new description and can change details as required.

  lists all plan versions if several are available:


The currently selected version is shown bold. Click:

o  Select against another version to display it instead

o  Publish if draft status to make it the published version (the previous published version reverts to draft status)

o  Delete to delete draft versions after checking their box.

*  and   to check out and back in again. Project details are initially view-only but you can check them out so you can change them. This makes other actions available but marks the plan as checked out so no-one else can access it. Check the project back in ( ) after making and saving your changes so it is then available to others again.

*  to save your changes

*  removes any changes made since the last save

  to copy a plan from another project

  to import a plan from Microsoft Project

  exports the plan to Microsoft Project

    expand and collapse the tasks. This applies when a structure of tasks and sub-tasks has been created by indenting tasks within others. Summary tasks are identified by a folder icon (  when closed) and expanding opens the folders and shows all sub-tasks. You can expand and collapse tasks separately by clicking the folder icon.

 , *  and   to add a row at the end of the list or above or below the selected task for the project.

  to create recurring tasks for the current one:
 Indicate when the task is to start and end, and when it is to occur.

  deletes selected tasks (check the box to select)

  moves a number of tasks you have selected:

Here you can choose to:

o  Delay or Bring Forward the task by the specified number of days

o  Change Start/End Date, with the other date altered in line with the current duration

o  Change Duration of the task, which will alter the end date accordingly.

*  and   to outdent or indent the selected task to create a hierarchical structure. Indenting a task within another task effectively makes it a sub-task of the preceding task

  to add an assignment for the current task by creating a blank row at the assignment panel.

      Edit (right-click action or by double-clicking the task at the Gantt chart) to modify the task

  (right-click action only) to view posts against the task

      Open Deliverable (right-click action or by double-clicking a task with a deliverable on the Gantt chart) to edit it

  applies if one or more assignments have been selected. A Resource Search is processed so you can select a resource to replace those for the selected assignments.

  may be processed if assignments in the project plan have roles assigned rather than actual resources. In this case, roles assigned to the tasks in the plan are listed so that you can replace them with suitable resources or with alternative roles:


For a listed role, click to process a search and find a suitable resource or role. Before doing this, you can check Restrict Dates and set the Date Restriction dates so that only assignments during the specified period are affected by the mapping.

Once you assign and save the resource or role, the previous role is removed from the list so that only unassigned ones appear.

  deletes the selected assignment from the task.

  (Copy & Paste) to paste selected tasks elsewhere:


o  Insert Tasks after determines where the copied tasks are to be pasted

o  Insert new Tasks from sets the start date for the new tasks, which defaults to the day after the finish date for the previous task.

Click   to insert.

  (Find & Replace) to change the role or resource for selected tasks:


o  Resource/Role identifies the one to be replaced

o  Replace with specifies the new one entry.

Click   to insert.

  to show or hide the deliverables on the Gantt chart. These appear as a symbol and you can double-click one or select the Open Deliverable right-click action to edit the deliverable

      Days/Hours determines the time unit to use for planning.

    to change the magnification of the Gantt chart section of the plan.

  shows the critical path, in red, on the Gantt chart:


This identifies the tasks that cannot be moved. Select Critical at the Show list to see only the critical path tasks so you can focus on the time critical elements of the project. Click the button again to revert to the previous display.

  to configure the plan:


o  Plan Start Date. Select from the calendar or choose today’s date to change the start date of the plan. This will normally be set as the current date when the plan was created or may have been imported from Microsoft Project.

o  Keep Outline Number up to date. Uncheck the box to speed up processing, especially if you do not use the outline number. This is still updated when the plan is saved but not at other times.

  to reset the view to the default columns and column widths after altering them

  prints the plan with specified columns and print options

  outputs a PDF file with selected columns and print options

  to schedule assigned resources for the project.

  for published plans only, to review the project’s status