Many of these details can be obtained from the client record but may be overridden for the contract.

      Use Default Invoice Template will, if checked, use the default template for invoices, otherwise you can choose the one to use.

      Invoice Account Number may be recorded on the Sales Ledger or elsewhere to identify the client and is included on invoices.

      VAT Number is the client’s registration number, which is required for EU clients when VAT is not to be charged.

      Invoice VAT/Tax Rate is checked if VAT is to be charged and will normally be at the standard system rate. If you choose to override, you can set a different rate.

      Invoice Address may be input specifically for the contract or you can click Copy all account details for Client to use the standard client address and contact details or Copy Invoice Address Details to use the standard address only (you can then select different contacts).

      Invoice Contact/Contact Phone Number are input directly or selected from existing client contacts by clicking Select Contact Details.

      Payment Terms can be printed on the invoice to indicate when payment is due and may be copied from the client record or input individually.