Here you can define rules that apply for the contract generally. Each contract line may have several purchase orders that can have a different rule set. These individual rules are used when invoices are created.

      Day Length is set at the General tab and cannot be changed here. If time is charged at a daily rate, the number of hours shown here will be used if no Billing Rule is specified for a contract line. All time booked is divided by this number of hours to determine the days to be charged.

      Professional Day Parameters will be used if the Professional Day Billing Rule has been selected. In this case, you can set ranges of hours and the number of days or proportions of days they represent. Click Add Professional Day Parameter to create as many lines as necessary. The start hours for each new line are set automatically as the end hours from the previous line so you will set a series of contiguous ranges. For example, you may set 0-3.5 hours as 0.5 days and 3.5-7.0 hours as one day.

      Capped Day applies when a Capped Day Billing Rule is set for a contract line. If the box is:

o  checked, invoiced hours for a day cannot exceed the value shown here; this defaults to the Day Length set at the General tab but the value can be overridden here

o  unchecked, then each resource’s own day length will set the maximum to be billed for each day.