These settings relate to the Billing module and determine the rules for creating contracts and invoices.



Create a default Contract when saving a new Project

will, if checked, ensure that all projects have a billing contract assigned, which can be changed as required. If not, one must be set up before any charges can be billed.

Default new Customers to charge output VAT

applies if most clients are to be charged VAT so that the corresponding box is checked by default for new clients.

Allocate Contract Line based on the Routing Type when saving a Timesheet

indicates if, when saving a timesheet, the contract line allocated to it is based on the project’s contract routing type .

Enable Billing Price Lists

allows price lists to be set up and associated with contract lines rather than entering prices individually for each line.


refers to the production of invoices in Time and Expenses and defines default settings to be used there.


is the default sales tax percentage. This will be used when creating client records and for invoicing, although in each case the percentage can be overridden (you may be dealing with an overseas or internal customer).

Payment Terms

provides free-format text to be printed on an invoice, which can be varied for each client and invoice.

Enable Invoice Types

determines if it is possible to set up different types that can be specified when invoicing. If enabled, this feature is only available to users where permission is granted through their Login Profile.