Each task is represented by a bar that denotes its length while milestones are shown as and constraints are shown as . Place the mouse cursor over a constraint for a description. Double-click any task, milestone or constraint to edit or view the task.

Bars are shown green when complete or may be multi-colored to indicate partial completeness. Tasks and milestones have connecting lines, which may be red if the next task is scheduled to start before the previous one completes. All associated deliverables for a milestone are shown; double-click a milestone symbol ( ) to view details.

You can click the center of a task bar, milestone or constraint and drag it:

      along a row to schedule it earlier or later

      up or down the rows to change its position in the project structure.

In each case, the duration of the task is preserved but its start and end dates may be changed. Dragging a bar after clicking its leading or trailing edge will reduce or extend its duration and cause the start and end dates to be altered.

Clicking on one task and dragging to another will create a relationship so that the earlier task must finish before the later one can start. This dependency will be shown on the Predecessors tab of Task Edit. You can set up more complex relationships there or at the task list.

Right clicking any chart element gives a number of actions also available from the toolbar and described previously.

You can change the level of detail of the chart — from six-hourly intervals at the most detailed to quarterly for a higher level. Do this using the toolbar buttons or by left and right-clicking on the green date headings.