All displayed data is based on a search and you can select saved searches or create and save new ones (refer to Saved Searches).

Change the data displayed by altering filter settings and clicking or Update Results:


      change the start date by entering or selecting a date from the calendar, by clicking << and >> to move backwards or forwards, or by clicking currprd  for the current period

      set the number of days, weeks or months to display

      choose individual teams or departments to include or click hierarchy  and select from a hierarchy

      select projects and the roles and skills required for them, and any specific locations where based

      select individual named resources.  If a department or role has also been selected, the available selections will be restricted to only the resource(s) which have that primary role, or belong to that department.

      indicate if availability between set percentages is needed so that only resources with the specified availability across all displayed periods are shown

      set a utilization percentage range if only resources falling within that range in at least one of the displayed periods are to be shown; this allows over-utilized resources to be identified and issues with supply or assignments to be corrected

      Show Inactive if inactive projects and resources can be searched for and data relating to them is to appear; the Resource Plan shows active resources as with inactive ones as while inactive projects have a symbol.

Data for inactive projects and resources cannot be edited although it is possible to delete supply from an inactive resource against an active project.

      Show Scheduling Requests to list role assignments in a separate panel above the resources. Tick Group by Projects to show these by project rather than role

      Show My Resources Only applies if at least one Department (or Team), Role or Project is specified and restricts the displayed resources to only those that you directly manage (as defined through Resources ).

      Confirmed or Provisional determine the status of plan to be included and are always available for Scheduling resource mode. For Strategic mode, the check boxes only appear if Demand Status is enabled through Strategic Planning settings.

Provisional status only applies to supply added via a forecast whereas supply added directly is always confirmed.


      Employees or Contractors determine the type of resource to be shown; at least one must be selected.