When you create a client record, you may optionally select the group to which the client belongs. This allows you to organize your clients into different groups (such as companies with different types of products — pharmaceuticals, food, furniture — or those in a particular geographical area — UK regions, overseas markets). You can also link each group to a parent group and so create a multi-level hierarchy.

When searching for or reporting clients, you can choose to process only those with a particular client group.

Client group is a screen label that you can change through Administration processing. It can therefore describe any type of classification you choose.



When you select the view, a search is processed to locate required groups. Refer to Searching and Filters  for information about processing different searches.

You can also select Add to create a group record..

After a search, the matching client groups are listed and you can scroll through the list and click    then:


to access the record and edit it.


creates a client group with the same general details as the selected one. You must specify a code for this entry and can change other details.


to delete the client group, after confirmation.