A record must exist for every client for which work can be undertaken, since all projects have to be ‘owned’ by a client. This allows work to be charged when necessary and for client’s projects to be identified and analyzed correctly.

You can also set up client records for any other organization with which you have any dealing. By doing this you can record any relevant details about the client, including progressing enquiries and quotations prior to any work being carried out.


When you select the Clients view, a ‘Client Search’ screen appears so that you can locate a particular client. Information about doing this is provided at Searching and Filters.

After running a search, matching clients are listed. Click:

    Add to create a client record. Processing is described at Adding and Maintaining Clients.

    Create Data Template to add a record with spreadsheet format that can then be used as a basis to create actual activity records

    Import Data to import and load activity data from a spreadsheet file.

You can also scroll through these records and click   then:


to change data on the list (refer to Client General Details).


to access the client’s record and edit it. Refer to Adding and Maintaining Clients for a description of the data you can enter.


creates a client with the same general details as the selected one. You must specify a code for this entry and can change other details.

Code Converter

to change the code of the client if it is incorrect. All affected records will be updated.


to clear the client record, after confirmation of this action.