An unconfigured view has a single, outlined blank area with a   button to add content. Above this area are various actions:

      names of the available views. Click one to select it for configuration.

 to define the view as a single area (the default) or several areas in various patterns:

Select the layout that best suits the number and characteristics of the widgets to be included in the view.

  to save the changes and make the view available for use. Failing to do this before exiting the option will lose your changes.

Once a widget is saved, you can click:

o    to configure it by setting or altering the filter for a standard widget, or by making additional changes for enhanced data and chart widgets; for an unconfigured widget, this action is available when not in edit mode

o    to access the widget full screen

o    to open the widget and list the records found by the filter

o    to close the widget and hide the list of records

o    for certain widgets only, to refresh the list to show the latest data.

  to cancel any unsaved changes.