You may have forecasts containing data that can be used in the current forecast. If so, rather than setting it all up again, you can click   to copy it.

You can choose to copy data from one or more other forecasts or can copy supply or assignments from a selected project.

If copying from:

      forecasts, you can select the type of data that you want to copy. For demand data, this can include planning cost rates providing only one forecast is selected.

      assignments, indicate if:

o  direct scheduling assignments (appointments, such as holidays) are to be copied into forecast demand, providing the project is configured to schedule appointments

o  copying from role-based assignments only, where tasks are not assigned to actual resources

o  demand lines for named resources are to be copied, rather than simply roles.

      supply, you can create demand based on supply. Check the Resource Demand Lines option and select the supplied resources to create demand lines with a named resource based on supply.

For all selections:

      indicate if all available periods are to be copied or only those that are still open (you will not be able to edit the closed periods), or selected periods where you will specify a date range.

For selected periods, you can copy forecasts from a specific date even if financial year forecasting is enabled,. This permits copying from part-way through a financial year and the status of open and closed periods is retained.

      determine if the imported data is to replace completely all the entries in the current forecast or is to be merged with it; merging will add budget values and create additional rows for demand and expenditure.

      choose the project to be copied and indicate the plan version to use if there are more than one.

Click Copy to add the data to your forecast. You can then adjust it as required.