At several Business Entities search screens you have the option to create a data template. This has the same format as an actual record of the appropriate type. Its purpose is to simplify the creation of records by providing data that is pre-filled in specific fields in order to reduce the required data entry. You can have several templates containing different data and then select an appropriate one when importing data.

If you have activated project workflows, first select the Project Type to which the template applies. This determines the extent and format of data for projects of this type.

All fields for the relevant record are listed. Check those that are to be imported from the spreadsheet file and leave unchecked those that are not required. Any that are not imported may need to be entered manually for new records.

Click Generate Template Spreadsheet to create a template, which you can then save to a local drive. You must then open this template file in Excel and use it to create the file to load back. Once you have done this and saved the file, select the next tab to import it.