Custom fields provide information that you need to record but which is not otherwise available within the application. You can define separate custom fields for the different types of records, and can indicate the allowable input data for each one.

A specific type of custom field, known as a ‘measure’, is definable by your system supplier and not accessible here. This will apply to project records and will calculate a required measure using SQL.

Values are updated by running a scheduled job that has the measure definition loaded or may be calculated in real-time when a particular event occurs. This may include calculation the total amount to charge for a project when creating an invoice or calculating the project value when saving a project.




Select the type of record (such as clients, resources and risks) from the drop-down list at the top of the form. The custom fields set for that record type are then listed.

Existing fields are listed by section, indicating their data type. Click Add to create a record. Ensure that the correct type is selected before doing this since the created record will be of the current type.

Change the contents of the list by:

   choosing a different filter from those listed, adding another or editing the existing filter

   clicking   and then choosing the columns to include.

For a selected entry in the list, you can click   then:


to amend the record.


creates a custom field with the same general details as the selected one. You must specify a name for this entry and can change other details.


to delete the record, after confirmation, providing it is not in use.

Move To

to move the entry to a selected position in the list within the section. You can also drag and drop the custom field into the required position.

Move Section Up/Down

to move all entries within this section either above or below the adjacent section in the list. This is not possible for fixed sections.

When adding or amending custom fields, input is to several tabbed forms, which you will select as needed.