is a number that indicates the anticipated order in which delivery will occur. Deliverables that are planned for around the same time can have the same ordinal.


describes the deliverable.


is set to Provisional when the deliverable is created but should be changed to Confirmed once the deliverable is finalized.  You can edit and delete a provisional deliverable but it will not be reported as a deliverable within a profile.

A confirmed deliverable cannot normally be deleted unless this is allowed through your login template. However, you can reschedule or drop a confirmed deliverable.


can only be set for a project that is marked as a template and is read-only for other projects. The normal practice will be to import deliverables from a template project and then add others as required. You will not be able to remove any deliverables that are set as mandatory for the template.


identifies the resource who is responsible for ensuring the deliverable is achieved.


indicates the project for which the deliverable is required. Choose an existing project or add one.


is used to categories the deliverable so that those of a specific type can be analyzed and reported. Select a relevant type or add one.

Publish to

determines the level in the project hierarchy where the deliverable can be viewed and reported. Select Project to view only at the current level or at a lower level to view at that level and all levels above up to project level. Important deliverables tend to be published at high levels.

You will not be able to publish to a level higher than that permitted through your Login Profile and a default publishing level may also be specified there.


provides a multi-line description of the deliverable.


only appears for deliverables that have moved beyond the provisional stage. If the status is confirmed, available actions are:

      Complete once the deliverable has been achieved; you can choose to complete earlier through deliverable actions

      Reschedule after changing the delivery date, to reset the target date for the deliverable

      Drop if the deliverable no longer applies

      Rebaseline to reset the planned delivery date to any new one entered. The Project Deliverables tab will show this new date and an audit record is created. This action may be necessary if a project stops for a period and then restarts. The new baseline is used to calculate movement if rescheduled.

In each case, you must enter a reason for the changed status.

If permitted through Login Profile settings, you can choose to Restore to Live any deliverables with a status of Complete or Dropped. This resets to its previous status so you can progress it and creates an audit record.

Delivery Date

indicates the target date or month for the deliverable, which may subsequently be rescheduled. The deliverable may be set for a specific date or a month, depending on the level selected for milestone entry by your System Administrator.

A deliverable will become overdue, once the delivery date is passed.