The initial details are the same for both widgets and reports and are covered in the Details tab section for widgets above.

Standard reports then have specific configuration options.


Report Specific Configuration


Add formatted text to be displayed before the report detail.


Add formatted text to be displayed after the report detail.


In both headers and footers, user functions #FN# can be inserted to give context to the report e.g. Insert the function #FILTER(1)# to display the value being used by the filter. Use the function #NOW# to display the current time.


Select which context menus the report is available on. Context Areas are available for:

Project Dashboard Reports Menu

Action Edit

Invoice Edit

Project Edit

Contract Edit

Forecast Edit

Issue Edit

Milestone Edit

Project Supply Edit

Resolution Plan Item Edit

Resource Edit

Risk Edit

Timesheet Entry



Select which output formats will be available when the report is run. The options are Standard, Excel and PDF. A default output type can then be chosen.

PDF Output Options; including Preview mode and Watermarks